Sterling OSB3 is a precision-engineered board for structural use in load bearing and challenging humid conditions.

A truly versatile board with many uses making the  job easier with a panel that is simple to saw, drill, nail, plane, file or sand. Nails can be driven as close as 8mm from the panel edge without splitting.

OSB board is an alternative to plywood that can be used in many different applications. Manufactured by compressing layered strips of wood in wax and resin, OSB boards are strong and inexpensive, making them a versatile construction material.

OSB3 boards can be used in structural applications that will be left in or come into contact with humid conditions. BBA approved, this type of OSB board comes in a tongue and groove profile to create a strong, durable platform that will support heavy loads.  OSB3 is also available in a square edged profile.

Engineered by Sterling OSB to exact specifications, OSB boards are created without knots or voids for maximum structural integrity. Making it a ideal board for use in House Building & Construction & is suitable for both  Interior & Exterior structural application such as:

  • Roofing
  • Flooring
  • Wall Sheathing
  • Hoarding

Sterling OSB3 conforms to BS EN 300 and is an idea panel for use in:

  • Timber frame housing
  • Caravans
  • Flat & Pitched roofing

OSB3 is:

  • Stronger than most softwood plywood
  • Panels may be glued with any PVA adhesive recommended for wood.
  • Painted with any quality wood paint system.
  • Knot Free

Give us a call to discuss your requirements & we can quote you a price.

Delivery through out  the west London area.

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